• Against the grain – Diploma

    Against The grain. -Turning potential into action. Diploma 2013. Bergen school of architecture. The old industrial silo lies there at Stoltzeneset in Sandviken, created as a part machine, part building. The concrete which once covered a system of machinery is now stripped of its functions. The uncovering slowly revealed a set of new potentials, before hidden in its use bound by necessity. Today housing Bergen School of architecture, but the landscape around it is also changing creating new conditions, new life and activities are little by little finding its way into its surroundings. When the building is removed from its function the space has to be re read and re apropriated. The project deals with a process of re-appropriation already in motion, when Bergen school of architecture started the transformation of the factory in 1996, it started a process of unveiling. The removal of the machinery in the silo constituted a removal of functions which opened up for a new set of possibilities but also a need for a re reading of the space. The space revealed a enormous and warm acoustic quality with a reverberation time of over 7 seconds. Giving the space a feeling of being a room within a room. The Silo with its unique qualities becomes the generator for a further unveiling of the building. After a series of investigations and exhibitions in the space the organization, BAS-lab, has been established to develop the space as an arena for multidisciplinary work and display. The silo space becomes generator for a the further unveiling of the structure. Looking at the building as an orchestra the project is arranged in three parts: The Plaza, the Tower and the Silo cathedral.